GNOME Twitch

Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop

Content management

Easily browse and search channels and games. Keep track of your follows whether you have a Twitch account or not.

Awesome player and chat

A super fast, hardware-accelerated player, with 4 available backends, plus a fully integrated native chat, makes for a fantastic viewing experience.

Plus much more!

GNOME Twitch is packed with cool features and development is constantly on-going, bringing heaps of new stuff straight to you.

Version 0.3.0 released

posted 31st August 2016

So finally after 4 months of hard work (and many delays), the next major version of GNOME Twitch is available! Many new features have been added as well as a lot of groundwork has been laid for future devlopment.

Version 0.2.1 released

posted 15th August 2016

Kind of an emergency release to add the Client-ID header to all API requests. Version 0.3.0 is just around the corner with loads of new features!

New landing page

posted 15th August 2016

New landing page of sorts, with help from my friend @tofuness.


Gitter is where you can find me and other community members to chat with. Feel free to join and ask questions GNOME Twitch. I'm happy to provide tech support and development help .

Source code

GNOME Twitch is licensed under the GPL v3 and is in constant development. The source code is available on GitHub, where all development, bug tracking and documentation is located.


All current and future tasks can be found on GNOME Twitch's agile board at


Current stable version: 0.3.0


Arch Linux